Africa Cup of Nations 2023 Qualifiers Schedule, fixtures, telecast & more

Africa Cup of Nations  Africa is moving towards the 2023 elections. The 34th version of the Africa cup of nations or africa 2023 is expected to be Held on the Ivory Coast. The host nation will host the tournament for the second time.

Initially, the tournament was planned for the third time after the 2019 version to avoid conflicts with European Club Teams and Competitions. However, the caf announcing the suspension of the incidence on January 3 and february 2024 due to the weather concerns of the host nation during the summer.

Africa Cup of Nations 2023

Africa Cup of Nations 2023 Qualifiers


In the initial phase, the T48 National Team team was obtained by including 42 Tasory Entry and Winners. Four teams were divided into groups in four teams, and the 4th NEMS team dismissed the Ranking on the 9th Carurchmayeriava Warrilder Rankings. 2022.

The Africa Africa Cup of Nations Ivory will take part in 2021, take part in the Bantvipar, but also the guarantee -tied nites of their guarantee, but also the only group of cables. The qualifications of other teams will be opposed to the coast, including their matches and failure.

Kenya Zimb Zimbabwe has been announced from the FIFA Zimbabwe 2020 2021 SA Africa Cup Cup Cup of Nations, due to the “political intervention” in the field of football in football. CAF is in this condition that he is in the official draw that is the first two two two two two two two two two two two tweets of vision before this is the first time this is the data cheetah cheetah, but happy happy happy is not happy. The party is the party that is party to get access to the AFK in one place. The CAF has said that Jo and Obuy Zimb include and and and and and and and, despite their inability, will be the eligible team.

Now that the two mac matches have been cut, now the time of time 3 has arrived at the time, which is time to start from March 22, 2023.


Which country will host the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations?

Ivory Coast will host the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations.

When will the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations take place?

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will take place in Jan-Feb 2024.

Who are the defending champions of the Africa Cup of Nations?

Senegal is the defending champions of the Africa Cup of Nations.

When will the qualification for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations take place?

The qualification for the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will take place from 23rd March 2022 to September 2023.

How many teams qualify for the final tournament?

The twelve group winners and runners-up will qualify for the final tournament.


Africa Cup of Nations 2023 Qualification Schedule


AFCON 2023 qualifiers Matchday 3 schedule
22nd March 2023

Benin vs Rwanda

Sierra Leone vs Sao Tome and Principe

23rd March 2023

Madagascar vs Central African Republic

Congo vs South Sudan

Zambia vs Lesotho

Ghana vs Angola

24th March 2023

Gabon vs Sudan

Algeria vs Niger

DR Congo vs Mauritania

Uganda vs Tanzania

Ivory Coast vs Comoros

Cape Verde vs Eswatini

Nigeria vs Guinea-Bissau

South Africa vs Liberia

25th March 2023

Mali vs Gambia

Equatorial Guinea vs Botswana

Senegal vs Mozambique

Egypt vs Malawi

Burkina Faso vs Togo

Tunisia vs Libya

Cameroon vs Namibia

Guinea vs Ethiopia

AFCON 2023 qualifiers Matchday 4 Schedule
26th March 2023

Lesotho vs Zambia

Sao Tome and Principe vs Sierra Leone

27th March 2023

Rwanda vs Benin

South Sudan vs Congo

Central African Republic vs Madagascar

Guinea-Bissau vs Nigeria

Angola vs Ghana

Niger vs Algeria

28th March 2023

Sudan vs Gabon

Ethiopia vs Guinea

Eswatini vs Cape Verde

Malawi vs Egypt

Botswana vs Equatorial Guinea

Namibia vs Cameroon

Liberia vs South Africa

Tanzania vs Uganda

Mozambique vs Senegal

Gambia vs Mali

Comoros vs Ivory Coast

Togo vs Burkina Faso

Libya vs Tunisia

Mauritania vs DR Congo

Telecast details
India – CAF TV youtube channel

UK – Eurosport or Eurosport app

USA – beIN Sports

Nigeria – SuperSport


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